We Like To Play Just Like You Do
& Would Love to be Your Mechanic!
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Paul and Madalynn Griffin


Our Grand Opening at the New Location July 1, 2016

Open House Date: Saturday, August 13 from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm


Since 1983, We Have Served San Diego’s British Automobile Owners.

Other British car repair shops will tell you that they meet factory requirements and provide great tune-ups and scheduled maintenance – so will we. But we go further, providing same-day repairs for most customers and keeping rates competitive, even when it means working longer hours.

We do all this because we love your car (almost) as much as you do. When you bring it in, we’re eager to get our hands on it and even more eager to get it back in yours.

We Distinguish Ourselves from Other British Car Repair Shops in Four Ways:

    Indisputably, we know your car. Between the two of us, we come with 50 years of British car repair experience. We fix all British makes and models, specializing in Jaguars and Land Rovers. And MGs? We don’t just fix them – we race our own.

    The years have taught us that British car repair clients, like their cars, keep busy. That’s why most of our Land Rover customers enjoy same-day service, and we work on other cars quickly and efficiently. After 30 years in the business at our current location, we can diagnose problems quickly and accurately by applying our prior experience as well as the most sophisticated computerized diagnostic evaluations.

    There is nothing more important than customer service. It’s that simple.

    We stay open on the condition that we’re doing everything we can to make and keep customers happy. We provide speedy, exceptional repairs as well as prompt calls to let you know as soon as your car is ready for pickup. As far as we’ve seen, we offer the best prices in San Diego. If you see better prices somewhere, let us know. We work hard to stay competitive.

    Most important, we are also highly specialized – we’ve learned British cars inside and out, and we know how to make them last. We don’t service other vehicles, but we’re happy to recommend a shop that does. Whether you’re our customer for a day or a lifetime, you will always get our expert service and utmost respect. That’s just how we do things.

    Finally, what keeps us running is our love for your car. We treat your car as if it’s our own, because there’s nothing more beautiful than a car that looks good and runs smoothly for a long life of service to its owner. In the end, we serve your car well because we want it to serve you well.

    At British Auto SD, we love what we do. It shows in the life and health of our customers’ cars.